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This is a very common question among those who intend to make an international trip to Australia. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with all your questions!

Health insurance

Travel insurance

For Student visa

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) is the mandatory health insurance for all international students. OSHC covers most medical or hospital treatments.

In addition he can also help pay for most prescription drugs and will provide ambulance coverage in an emergency. This insurance must be purchased before applying for the visa for the student visa holder and his/her dependents and the coverage contracted must be for the entire duration of the student visa.

There are 6 insurance providers and the values change depending on the type of application (single, married or family). Australia Channel has a partnership with all of them.

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Other visas

Other types of visas such as: 485, tourist, work visa, among others, you can purchase the OVHC (Overseas Visitors Health Cover), although it is not mandatory insurance.

This health insurance is intended for visitors to Australia, in case they need to undergo any medical or hospital treatment during their stay in the country.

If you don’t have any type of medical insurance coverage, you may be responsible for the entire cost, which can be very expensive.

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You can also choose to purchase travel insurance, which will provide you with complete coverage, from the moment you leave home until you return!

travel insurance benefits

Although Australia’s medical insurance covers most of the expenses you may have with health, Travel Insurance leaves you 100% covered with other medical services, in addition to services that involve transfer and the entire trip abroad.

It is important to note that the comprehensive services of a Travel Insurance will be in accordance with the type of plan contracted. ​

Australia Channel has partnered with several insurance companies to guarantee you the best value for money.

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Delays, cancellations and other flight issues.


Delays, losses and other problems with luggage.

extreme sports

Coverage against possible accidents with extreme sports.

medical expenses

Expanded coverage of health expenses.


Refund of pharmaceutical expenses.

Detal Care

Complete dental care.