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It is a service designed to provide our exchange students with the greatest comfort and tranquility. We are here to help you from start to finish of your journey, to make your experience the best it can be.

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your trip with greater comfort

The welcome is another comfort that we consider essential, which starts with packing your bags. Our team will help and advise you on the important items and documents that cannot be left behind.​

We believe that it is very good and reassuring to know that the same person who organized your arrival is the same person who gives you a hand and helps you from the moment you arrive tired from the trip.

Therefore, in addition to the initial approach, we have an extensive schedule of first activities that are essential for your exchange to flow smoothly, after all, it’s all new!

We will introduce you to important places in the city, we will open your bank account, your identification and work numbers, we will show you how the markets work, applications that work well here, and a lot of other things that will make your life easier!

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Welcome you already understood that it is essential, right? But we all know that doubts, keeping up to date on everything that happens in the city where you live and how you can continue to stand out is very important.

With this in mind and the well-being of your exchange student life, we always provide a full calendar of free workshops!

And it doesn’t end there… we know that it’s very important to stay connected with our origins and also with the local culture, so we always have a super active festive calendar!

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