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Morar em Sydney é um sonho, mas nesse caso, a beleza custa um pouco mais caro. Por ser um ponto turístico conhecido mundialmente, a famosa cidade do Sudeste da Austrália é um destino muito escolhido não só por brasileiros como estrangeiros de outras nacionalidades que decidem em vir para a Austrália. Com a demanda alta, tanto a acomodação, o transporte público e se alimentar ficam mais caros por lá.

1 sidney

Living in Sydney is a dream, but in this case, beauty costs a little more. As a world-renowned tourist spot, the famous city in Southeast Australia is a popular destination not only for Brazilians but also for foreigners of other nationalities who decide to come to Australia. With high demand, accommodation, public transport and food are more expensive there.

Capital do país e recanto tanto do sol quanto da neve! Essa é Canberra. Uma cidade com mais da metade da população do gênero feminino não podia dar errado! Extramamente organizada e, por não ser tão conhecida pelos brasileiros, é uma cidade onde falar sua língua matriz pode ser um desafio. O inglês manda por lá! Preços um pouco mais baixos que em Sydney de um modo geral, mas para morar, ainda é um pouco mais caras que as outras cidades relacionadas.

2 canberra

Capital of the country and corner of both sun and snow! This is Canberra. A city with more than half the female population couldn’t go wrong!
Extremely organized and, as it is not so well known by Brazilians, it is a city where speaking its mother tongue can be a challenge. English rules over there! Prices are a little lower than in Sydney in general, but to live in, it’s still a little more expensive than other related cities.

Localizada no Estado conhecido como o "Estado do Sol", Brisbane também é a cidade onde a sede da Australia Channel está localizada. Atualmente é um lugar escolhido como moradia tanto de estudantes internacionais quanto para australianos! Organizada, segura, cheia de belezas naturais e perto da costa nordeste do país. Em uma cidade está em plena expansão, o êxodo para essa área é nítido, por isso, se você pesquisar qualquer moradia hoje em dia, vai ver preços um pouco mais caros (comparando com outras) cidades, porém com a opção de arrumar emprego com mais facilidade (por conta da demanda constante).

3 brisbane

Located in the state known as the “Sun State”, Brisbane is also the city where Australia Channel’s headquarters are located. It is currently a chosen place of residence for both international and Australian students! Organized, safe, full of natural beauty and close to the northeast coast of the country. In a city that is in full expansion, the exodus to this area is clear, so if you search for any housing nowadays, you will see prices a little more expensive (comparing to other) cities, but with the option of getting a job with easier (because of constant demand).

Perth é um dos paraísos do surf profissional internacional! Organizada, em ascensão, porém pouco conhecida por brasileiros. Prova disso é o número de estudantes Australia Channel que sempre relatam só falam inglês por lá pelo grande número de australianos no local. Cidade segura e com grande potencial turístico por estar diretamente na costa sudoeste (oceano índico). Por não ser geralmente a primeira escolha de estudantes e viajantes internacionais, os preços para moradia, transporte e alimentação podem ser bem atrativos comparando com as demais cidades analizadas. Fica a dica ai!

4 perth

Perth is one of the paradises for international professional surfing! Organized, on the rise, but little known by Brazilians. Proof of this is the number of Australia Channel students who always report that they only speak English there because of the large number of Australians there. Safe city with great tourist potential for being directly on the southwest coast (Indian Ocean). As it is not usually the first choice of students and international travelers, prices for housing, transport and food can be very attractive compared to the other cities analyzed. Here’s the tip!


5 melbourne

A city that has already been considered 7 times the best city to live in the WORLD needs no introduction, right? This is Melbourne. It is also among the top cities chosen by the entire world population that decides for the exchange. Extremely organized (proof of this is the wide range of public transport options) and with the charm of a big first world city, Melbourne can be a pleasant surprise for those who choose it as a new home, BUT pay attention to the housing price. The logic is the same here: with a high demand, prices to live in can be a little more expensive compared to the other cities analyzed.


6 adelaide

Located in South Australia, Adelaide can also be a beautiful destination for anyone thinking of coming to live in Australia! It is usually a city chosen by students who have been living in Australia for a while and want to try to migrate. The city is located in the second most populous state in the country and also one of the driest! If hot and dry weather is something you like, this city could be a great option for you! Housing prices are considered average, but compared to the other cities analyzed, it has a good average price for public transport.


7 hobart

If you want to live in a surreal place and don’t want to pay that much to live, Hobart might be a good place for you! Located in Tasmania, Hobart has been the destination of many international students (mainly Brazilians). Even in increasing development, it can be a bit more difficult to find a job. In any case, it is an excellent tourist city, with several leisure options that are unmatched anywhere else in the world and with a pleasant average housing cost for an international student!


8 gold coast

He talked about enjoying life and lifestyle, he talked about the Gold Coast! Like Brisbane, the city is located in the State of Queensland and is the destination for the vast majority of international students who value a healthier and coastal life. Currently, the largest international community in the city is of Brazilian origin! Therefore, if your goal is to speak English, policing yourself is more than necessary. It offers public transport a little cheaper compared to other cities, but not as efficient when it comes to availability. Medium cost rents and, generally speaking, not so expensive to eat and support yourself if you find a good job (very good for those looking for hospitality work). Famous beaches for water sports are also a trademark of the city.


9 sunshine coast

Much like the style of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast is an excellent destination to live a peaceful exchange filled with natural beauties due to well-explored ecological tourism. Compared to the other cities analyzed, Sunshine Coast is one of the cities with the lowest cost of living (especially compared to other cities in Queensland). With the exception of a very poor public transport, the city’s lyfe style provides good options for those looking for jobs in the hospitality area. Coastal, idyllic and heavily tourismed, Sunshine can be a good place to experience life in multicultural communities.


10 cairns

Welcome to Cairns: the city known for being the gateway to the largest barrier reef in the world. By this explanation it is quickly understood that tourism is one of the strengths of the city. In addition to providing a quieter life for those interested in moving there, Cairns has the best overall cost of living average in comparison to the other charts/cities analyzed. The cost of public transport may not be that cheap, but housing and food make up for it by offering cheap options. Organized, extremely open to multiculturalism, clean and with a wide range of natural paradises to visit.


11 darwin

Located in the far north of the country, Darwin is a capital of the North Territory and can be your exchange destination if you really want to experience the life of the “root Australian”. Due to the dry terrain, the economy is based on tourism and mining. Darwin is also close to natural beauty in the same state as the famous Australian OUTBACK. Organized and, today, considered one of the most modern cities in Australia. Because it’s not that big and, most of the time, it’s not the first option for international students, life there is not that expensive (with the exception of food).

School education in Australia includes pre-school, elementary, high school and college.​ Schooling lasts 13 years, from pre-school to high school. School is compulsory until age 17 or 18.​

For international students, children aged 5 or 6 (depending on each state) must be enrolled in a local school.

​The rules are different for each state and also vary according to the age group of the child. ​

Check the details below

study modalities

Primary school
Secondary School​
High School
Higher Education


Childcare or kindergarten

Day care centers are available part-time or full-time and go up to 4 or 5 years of age. ​

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Primary school

Primary School

Primary School – Kindergarten, Preparatory, Foundation Year​

Preschool starts at age 5 or 6 in Australia, depending on the child’s date of birth and state of residence. It lasts between 6 to 7 years. ​

Kindergarten / Pre-primary / Preparatory: Years 1–6 or 1-7. ​

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Secondary School​

Secondary School​

It starts at the age of 11 or 12 years. Lasting between 3 to 4 years.

Years 7–10 or Years 8-10

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High School

High School

There are some programs in public and private schools across Australia.

Enrollments are normally semiannual and the choice of program must be in accordance with the country of origin, in order for the certification to be validated.

​Starts at the age of 15 or 16.

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English language courses

Elicos are Intensive English Language courses for International Students. Among them are:

  1. General English
  2. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) & English for Further Studies (EFS)
  3. Exam Preparation Course (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, PTE)
  4. English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  5. English for Teaching
  6. English Tour

Learn a little more about each of these courses and choose the best one for you. You can even make a combination between them.

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Professional Training

Australia has a vocational education and training (VET) system, which prepares people to work in a career that does not require a university degree, ie vocational courses.

They are certified in the most varied areas of professional qualification. The duration ranges from 12 weeks to years and classes can vary from 1 to 3 days a week.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

In Australia they are divided in the following way:

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor degree & Bachelor degree (honours) with an average duration of 3 to 4 years

Note: Diploma, Advanced Diploma & Associate Degree can also be considered Undergraduate

  • Postgraduate: Graduate Certificate (6 months), Graduate Diploma (1 year), Master Degree (average duration of 2 years), Doctoral Degree / PHD (average duration of 4 years to 6 years), Higher Doctoral Degree (average duration of 3 years up to 5 years)

Some Postgraduate courses can be subclassified as:​

  • by Coursework​
    Course based on the selection and completion of subjects through academic works with the conclusion of a thesis at the end.
  • by Research
    Course starts after completion of a thesis, involving research and under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

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16 weeks
24 weeks
Gold Coast
16 weeks
16 weeks

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